Hey! I’m Michael Thelin.

Some quick work facts - I’ve been at Spotify since early 2013, currently as an Engineering Team Lead but have contributed as a Test Automation Developer and Web Developer as well. Regardless of role, my mission since I started at Spotify has been to enable companies and other third-party developers to build great product integrations using our Developer platform. An example of a larger integrations is the Spotify app on Playstation. My open sourced code is on Github, and my career profile can be found on LinkedIn.

I’m a photography hobbyist, and most of the stuff that I find worth sharing I post on Flickr. Some of the photos are available for sale at Shutterstock.

My digital footprint as an amateur runner is on Strava. I’ve listed finished and upcoming races in a Race Calendar for my own convenience.

The contents of this site is a mix of work, photography, and running, and is mainly written for my own amusement.

Feel free to reach out to me at @michaelthelin or thelinmichael@gmail.com.