I’ve just finished reading JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford, a book that always seem to be mentioned in discussions around what literature to pick up when diving into JavaScript. And I have to agree. It was a great read.


The book isn’t just a description of what’s good about JavaScript, but rather describe how it works, what its strengths are, what design decisions that were made that were mistakes, and what are dangerous and awful parts of the language. It’s quite opinionated, which I found refreshing.

I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who’s trying to learn programming since a lot of concepts aren’t explained in depth, which I suspect is partly why this book is so thin. For example, it explains how JavaScript’s prototypical works and how it relates to classic object orientation, but it doesn’t explain anything about object orientation in itself.

I would however really recommend it to intermediate JavaScript coders who wants to gain more knowledge about the language, or someone coming from another language and has just begun learning JavaScript.